A3 Kitsune Mask Serigraphy


Kitsune Mask inspired Limited Edition Serigraphy
The work reflects the love i have for traditional Japanese Art and Culture mixed with Contemporary Art
Kitsune is the literal word for fox, they are seen in traditional Japanese Art as tricksters, and being able to shapeshift, where their power only grows with time and wisdom
I tend to use this reference in a lot of my artwork, as i identify with the meaning behind it.

This serigraphy was made with Screen Printing technique, in A3 300gr 100% cotton paper.
Limited edition of 30, all numbered and signed

The serigraphy will be shipped in a kraft paper envelope surrounded by cardboard and bubble wrap.

If you wish to know more about this product, art style or the artist behind it feel free to contact via email : [email protected]
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